Our Mission & Vision


    To be reckoned as an institute committed to equipping its students with knowledge and love translated to wisdom, to soar beyond the horizon.


    SNBP’s International School’s Mission is inspired today – prepared for tomorrow.

    The world is changing at an ever increasing pace and with these changes education must evolve to ensure we are preparing our learners for a future we are unable to predict. At SNBP’S we promote student agency, where children can set goals, manage their learning, take risks, be creative, collaborate and connect with the world beyond the walls of the school, we promote digital literacy and inquiry learning to make sure children are skilled and able to access tools to be true life –long learners. Our innovative learning space are exciting and engaging places to be. Gone are the days where children sit and listen to the ‘’sage of the stage’’ now we have collaborative problem solving, personalized learning journeys and high levels of engagement.

    Our key values are respect, responsibility and excellence. We promote high standards in all areas and offer an all-round rich curriculum.


    Discipline: At school we inculcate discipline which motivates children trains them and inculcates good manners and other societal values
    Holistic Development
    Facilitating the creative minds to enhance their creativity and knowledge.


    SNBP’s International School aims to develop in each student a desire for lifelong learning so that they become valuable members of society.

    The school places a high emphasis on teaching the students how to live with others and we encourage creativity and endorse the philosophy of considering the feelings of other at all times’’.

    Our high expectations, restorative practices and inspiring, collaborative classrooms promote resilience and learners who are passionate about making the world a better place.